Binary Wisy Pivot

WisyPivot® is a bot working with exclusively.

It contains the most powerful state of the art strategies for Binary Options in the market.

 Lifetime license: 49.99$


The bot works on trend reversal and it uses the following criteria to enter a trade:

  1. Pivot: the bot identifies extreme pivot levels acting as Support/Resistance. Once the price touches the calculated level, the bot enters the trade assuming a reversal in the trend.

  2. Bollinger Bands®: the trade is entered only when the candle closes outside the upper or lower band assuming a trade reversal.

  3. Relative Strength Index – RSI: the trade is entered when the candle closes in the Overbought or Oversold area assuming a trade reversal.

  4. Directional Excess: the bot enters a PUT trade when a predefined fine-tuned number of candles have closed green assuming that the market is arrived at an extreme growth level and cannot continue that way. On the other way round the trade is entered CALL when a predefined fine-tuned number of candles have closed red.

  5. Trade reentries: in case the trade ends up with lost the bot automatically reenters a new trade in the same direction, repeating this action up to a predefined number of times in order to recover quickly from the losses and adjust eventually early entrances.

  6. PAUSE ON ECONOMIC NEWS: the bot pauses during economic news because during news the market is less predictable. The feature can be Enabled/Disabled by the user. On Volatility index symbols news events are ignored by design.

The above methods can be combined and disabled with maximum freedom.

WisyB keeps on back testing the market providing the best settings on a “quarter of a year” basis. The settings are back tested on over 2 year’s data across all currency pairs and they have proven to NOT have failed a single martingale progression.

All back tests reports can be found here.

Suggested settings can be downloaded form:

Inside the downloaded zip file there are all settings. Unzip the file wherever in the local drive.

To load the settings, install the bot (see below in this document), put your Token API and push ‘Load Settings’ button providing the relevant txt file.

The settings are indicative and can be changed by the user as per his risk exposure.

The bot is free of license (!!!) on Volatilities indexes. However for Volatilities we do not currently provide back testing, but we anyway give suggested settings proven to have high chance to generate good profits.

Money Management 

Available money management strategies are:

  • Flat Bet

  • Compound (suggested)

  • Martingale (suggested)

  • Masaniello

In particular with Martingale the initial stake can be increased for 0.5 to 1 or 2 based on the invested capital.

Suggested initial stake is:

0.5$ over 100$ capital

1$ over 200$ capital

2$ over 400$ capital


Getting Started

The installer can be downloaded for free here and it is ready to be used on Volatilities with no additional actions. For currency pairs a license is needed and it is provided after purchase.

To install:

  1. Make sure to run the installer ‘As Administrator’.


  1. Pay attention to the antivirus not blocking the application and in case add an exception.

  2. Once the installation is finished you will find a shortcut in your desktop. Set it to run ‘As Administrator’ and double click on it.



Insert in the ‘Token API’ field your account Token API. Instructions here.





WisyB does not guarantee any profit with the bot particularly because all depends on the settings and market conditions. This bot must be considered a tool for trading only.

WisyB declines any responsibility derived by the usage of the bot even generated by a bug inside the software. We strongly recommend to adopt a proper money management and try things in demo before going in real.

The software is provided ‘As Is’ without any explicit or Implicit Warranty of any kind.


 Free Download

 Lifetime license: 49.99$ 


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WisyPivot® is a bot working with exclusively.

It contains the most powerful state of the art strategies for Binary Options in the market.

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