MT4 to Bridge

The MT4 to Bridge allows you to automate your MQL code in MT4 or MT5 in order to execute trades on within minutes.

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Key Features

  • Automate your Expert Advisors to place trades on immediately once they hit your alerts
  • Mirror trades taken by binary option brokers on MT4 into 

System Requirements

  • Win7 SP1 or later
License Options

Pocket Option is a brand-new binary options broker promising instant access to more than 100 assets. is the first financial brokerless trading platform in the world that allows traders to operate directly against financial markets without the presence of an intermediate broker. Using cutting edge Ethereum blockchain technology, combines merchants with a decentralized stand-alone liquidity pool (DALP) or other traders on the platform or network.


WisyB News

Binary Wisy Pivot

WisyPivot® is a bot working with exclusively.

It contains the most powerful state of the art strategies for Binary Options in the market.

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Wisy Digit Differ Bot

WisyDigitDifferBot® is a bot working with exclusively.

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Wisy Digit Stats

The Wisy Digits Stats is a bot working with exclusively.

It allows to collect a statistic for the last digit in a configurable loopback interval giving the results real time.

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Wisy Digit Differ Mobile Bot

The bot makes some statistics of past ticks and decides which is the best time to take the trade.

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